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Carla trained with the British College of Professional Styling, receiving her diploma in 2015.  A high flying fashionista (not just in height!) who loves ASOS, Pinterest and All WomensTalk, and whose personal mantra is 'Your style is your own.' Her specialities range from image consultancy and personal shopping, through to food and fashion styling, costume designing and wardrobe styling. Whilst Carla believes it is important to invest in essentials like the little black dress, her signature look is an 'anti-capsule wardrobe', the complete opposite to having the usual key pieces such as two skirts, one pair of trousers and one blazer, influenced by her love of fashion from around the globe. As she says, "if you're not spoilt for choice, you need to go shopping!”

Whether your needs are simple from an outfit for an interview to the dress for your son's wedding Carla will be happy to assist. Carla's services are underpinned by a range of professionals to complete your new look who can assist with hair, nails and make up as well seamstress services.

View Carla's diploma here.

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Contact Carla on: +44 (0)7852 785 496